Located between the Balkan range and Sredna Gora mountains, the Bulgarian Rose Valley is the home of the exquisite Bulgarian rose oil, also known as 'attar of roses' or 'rose otto'. There are
over 7000 varieties of roses worldwide, yet only few are known as oil producing.
The Bulgarian Rosa Damascena, cultivated for over 300 years, is considered
to be the best oil-bearing rose renowned worldwide.

Unique climatic and soil conditions make the Rose Valley, also known
as the Kazanlak Valley, one of the biggest producers of rose
otto in the world. The air humidity, cloudiness and
precipitation in May and June contribute to
the cultivation of roses that yield very high
percentage of oil.

The Rose Valley has also always been the center stage
for the colorful age-old Festival of Roses. This traditional
festival is a symbol of the rose industry and its influence on
the culture, spirit and lifestyle of the Kazanlak Region. It is
celebrated with folk songs and dances at Kazanlak and Karlovo
on the first Sunday in June, at the start of the rose harvest in the Valley.

The Bulgarian Rose Valley is also the home of Alteya's rose plantations.
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